Tuesday, August 14, 2012

9 months

18.5 pounds (50th percentile)
26.875 inches (25th percentile)

We are officially crawling everywhere.  I have a dare devil on my hands.  Saylor can pull up on anything and thinks she can walk already.  She will see somethings that distracts her and will decide to take a step in that direction.  Newsflash sweet child of mine, you cannot walk yet.  Your little leggies aren't quite strong enough:)  She now has 4 teeth!  Two top and two bottom.  Still eating and still sleeping like a champ.  Lately, she has realized that if she wakes up in the middle of the night, mommy and daddy's bed is much more comfortable than her crib.  She has learned to stand up and yell for us to come in and get her.  She is very headstrong and won't stop until she gets what she wants...which is usually mommy or daddy holding her.  Oh the joys of being the first/only child:)  I know it's just a phase but secretly, I enjoy cuddling during the middle of the night (as long as it doesn't become a habbit).  We went to the doctor yesterday for her 9 month check-up and it went really well-UNTIL the shots.  The shots weren't terrible but the finger prick was the worst!  Her face turned bright red, she held her breath and then let out a scream that I had not heard before.  I think she was mad that we held her down more than anything.  I know it didn't hurt THAT bad.  Poor baby.  Not to worry, we headed straight to the mall and got her some shoes.  Her first pair of real shoes!  They are pink 'see kai run' maryjanes and are probably the cutest things I have ever seen.  She's not so sure what to think of them just yet.  She has the smallest foot I have ever seen, which is why she is just now getting a pair of shoes at 9 months.  They are size 0 meant to fit a baby 0-3 months old.  The funny thing is, these will probably fit her well into the winter.  Haha.  Saylor is such a happy baby and brings such joy to all of us.  Her personality is starting to really show and she is becoming so much fun.  We are now in full party planning mode for her first birthday.  Where does the time go?  

...until next month:)