Monday, June 11, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

better late than never...

Thursday, June 7, 2012

7 months

How are we already at 7 months???

Saylor is seriously the best baby.  She has developed such a fun loving personality this past couple months.  I don't have any stats and we don't go back to the doctor until 9 months (hopefully:)  So far, we have only been for well visits only and I hope it continues to stay that way!  She has finally started to sit on her own for short periods of time.  She is such a busy body and so curious.  She would rather roll around because she has learned to get anywhere she wants by doing so.  Why would she ever crawl when she can get around so quick by rolling?  Haha, I'm sure the day will come soon enough.  She just popped through her first tooth and the second one should be coming any day.  She hasn't complained about them too much and continues to eat and sleep like normal.  Let's hope teething continues to be that easy.  I have heard horror stories about teeth!  She LOVES her food and is no longer interested in a bottle.  I still give her a couple a day but she would rather eat her food.  She hasn't found anything she she doesn't like yet.  Sometimes I trick her and mix things with peas and green beans so she doesn't know what she's eating:)  Sleep is still going great!  She goes down about 8:30-9 and wakes up between 8:30 and 9.  That girl is one of the best sleepers I have ever heard of.  Believe me, I know I'm blessed and there is no possible way I'll get this lucky next time around.  On the flip side, her naps are few and far between.  During the day, she might take a couple 20 minute catnaps but that's about it.  She remains in a good mood so I don't push it.  She is still staying with my mom and mother in law during the week while I'm at work and LOVES being around her cousins.  Kevin and I love watching her grow and develop.  She is seriously the light of our lives!