Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saylor Rose Didio-11/3/11

Where do I begin? First off, sorry for not doing a better job of updating this blog! So our week last week began with our house being broken into. Monday, I got a call from our alarm company saying that our alarm was going off. I knew right off this wasn't good! The police showed up a little before I did and it was apparent that someone had broken in through the guest bedroom window. They took some of Kevin's watches, sunglasses, and rings. Basically, his 'man jewelry.' Everything else seems to have been untouched. Once they entered the hallway, the alarm went off so I'm guessing they gor scared and left pretty quickly. We filed an insurance claim this past week and will hopefully here something soon. Wednesday, I took my niece, Karley, to her mom's school (she's a teacher) to surprise her for her birthday. Karley picked out some flowers and was really excited to go visit. Little did I know what was to come later that evening. Around 7pm I start to feel yucky. Around 8, I got sick. I thought it was a one-time thing...boy was I wrong! I ended up going to the emergency room at 1am because I still couldn't keep anything down. I thought they would give me fluids and send me home. Wrong again! They admitted me to labor and delivery to monitor me. In the mean time, we have gotten word that others in the family were also sick. About an hour after hearing that news, Kevin gets sick. Yep, right there in labor and delivery. We were quite the site. He is getting sick on the couch and me still hooked up to monitors and fluids in the bed next to him. At this point, we aren't really thinking about having a baby, we just want to get well and go home. I had a scheduled c-section for the following tuesday. My week was perfectly planned out. I was scheduled to get a manicure and pedicure, finish thank you notes, clean the house...all things to keep me occupied so I would be completely ready when tuesday came. Well, Miss Saylor had other plans. The doctor on call came in and said she was showing signs of distress since I had been so sick that we needed to get her out right away. I start to panic a bit. I was sick, I wasn't ready, I was SCARED! Kevin is still getting sick mind you and I am wondering if they are even going to let him into the operating room. They wheel me back pretty quickly and start prepping me. I remember hearing the doctor say, 'here's dad, let's go.' I look over and in comes Kevin, white as a ghost! He makes it long enough to hear her cry and he is pushed out of the room and into recovery to wait on me. Once I get in he recovery room, I find out that Kevin has gotten sick-AGAIN! My doctor walks him down to the ER to get some fluids, I am wheeled to my room, and Saylor is wheeled into the NICU. We are all so sick we aren't allowed to be around each other. Kevin ends up being sent home for the night and my mom stays with me. My fever finally broke through the night and Kevin came back early the next morning feeling much better. We finally got to go meet our sweet girl. She was perfect in every way. They kept her in the NICU for the remainder of our hospital stay to make sure she was ok. They were worried about her heart rate and she proved to be a strong-willed little girl. I think she wanted to go home as much as we did. 5 days later, we were all home and all healthy. We went to the pediatrician and my post-delivery check-up a couple days ago and both got good reports. We are so happy and feel so blessed to have our sweet girl home with us. We are so in love! Here are some pictures from our first week as parents.

The Louisville Cardinals lost today and she was NOT a happy camper.

Off to our first doctor's appointment.

I loved this little mudpie outfit. Her friend, Harper gave it to her.

Sleeping beauty.

Sleeping on Daddy before leaving to come home.

We did newborn pictures yesterday. As soon as I get them back I will be sure to post. Until then, you can find me cuddling with my sweet girl