Thursday, September 29, 2011

Because he doesn't always get the credit...

Here is Kevin while cleaning out Saylor's closet. We found some priceless heirlooms; as in his Trinity High School football helmet. Trying on this helmet was followed by a slew of text messages between his friends that also dusted theirs off and sent back pictures. Too funny!

This was at a cocktail competition for the Kentucky Bourbon Festival. He won! His Maker's Mark cocktail will be the featured drink for the 2012 Bourbon Festival. It's kind of a big deal around here!

He even made front page of the Bardstown, Kentucky newspaper!!!

Saylor and I are so proud of you:)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It appears we're ready at least...

Finally the nursery has come together. Here is a view from the doorway:

I am waiting to order a monogrammed plate with her birth information on it to hang in this birdcage:

This little lamb was on my baby bed (also used by my mom and my sister) so I wanted to find somewhere to incorporate it. I put it right above the nightlight.

My grandmother made this ceramic basket and I had a liner made for it. It holds all kinds of stuff from q-tips to lotion to diaper cream.

A view of the chair with the pillows.

This was an old table we had in the house so I decided to paint/distress it and have a cover made for it. I needed something small and this fit perfectly. It has books at the bottom and accessories on top. The small vase (with the little girl on it) was given to my parents at the hospital when I was born. I thought it was sweet and fit my theme.

Another view of the window treatments...and a basket full of toys of course.

The chandy that I got from the peddler's mall (Kevin, there's my one reference for the day.) for a mere $20!

This child will never use all of these bows. She has quite the collection; thanks to her best friend, Harper (who she will soon meet).

The dresser with the changing pad on top. Don't worry, I secured it to the back of the dresser. We didn't really have room for a changing table to I had to make good use of my space.

Her carseat and my diaper bag. As of last night, the carseat is officially installed in my car. It is all starting to become real!

Her mobile. I debated on this and whether or not I needed one. I was assured I made the right decision when my friend Lindsay was over yesterday with her little girl Harper (Saylor's future bff) and she LOVED it! She kept wanting us to play it as she snuggled with her mommy. It was really sweet. I can't wait until I have my own little girl here to snuggle. There is also the sleep sheep in the corner that plays soothing sounds that will hopefully help Miss Saylor to sleep:)

A view of the bedding all put together.

Her monogram on the wall right as you walk in the room. The lighting is kind of bad in the picture but the walls are a light pink (sweet taffy-benjamine moore) and the letters are a metallic gold.

Close up of the window treatments.

More of the bedding and of the paper dolls.

I am almost 33 weeks now. I am now going to the doctor EVERY WEEK! I can't believe how quickly the time has gone. I have really enjoyed being pregnant. I love to feel her move and think I will miss it when she's here. Although, I am so anxious to meet her. We had another ultrasound yesterday and she looks perfect and is right on track where she should be. She is starting to get some chubby cheeks. I can't wait to kiss them! I have had 2 showers and feel so blessed to be surrounded with such a great family and group of friends. Once some people post pictures, I will try to put some on here. I also had maternity pictures done. I will try to post some of those as well. I am beyond pleased with how they turned out. That's all for now...until next time!