Monday, August 15, 2011

Miss Saylor's goodies!

This is a bow holder I made for her many bows she will have.

Some accessories for her room that I'm not exactly sure what to do with yet.

Her reading material.

Her laundry pile. Just for the record, I have only bought about 5 outfits for her. The rest was given to her already.

This corner of her room filled with anything and everything.

Her crib.

Things are finally starting to come together. I can't wait to meet her. I am almost 27 weeks now. Only 10-12 more weeks until she arrives!!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

25.5 weeks and room inspiration

I decided not to post about my pregnancy this week because everything is pretty much the same since last post. Instead, I figured I would update on her room. Below is my drawing of the room layout and random details I didn't want to forget about. Very professional, I know. Ha!

I found these vintage paper dolls online for next to nothing. The doll is 22 inches so the dresses are big too. These will be framed and go above her crib.

I found this dresser at the peddler's mall this past weekend. It is exactly what I was looking for. It is almost identical to the one I had growing up. I was so excited to find it! I am still unsure if I am going to paint it or not. I am waiting to put the bed up to see if the off-whites clash or compliment.

This is her pile of 'stuff' she has accumulated over the past couple months. We still have a lot of work to do to clean her room (Kevin's office) out before painting and moving forward.

This is the mirror for the dresser and the light fixture for her room. One is hers and the other is for the stairwell leading to the basement.

Here are the fabrics I am using. I hope you understand these bits and pieces. More to come. I can't wait to start painting and getting everything into her room and set up!!! Only 14 more weeks (at the most). Crazy to think she'll be here in a few short weeks!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

24 Weeks

This is the only picture I have. It is from tonight. I made dinner and watched my nieces while their mom and dad went to dinner for their anniversary. Never a dull moment:)

Total weight gain: 15 pounds so far. Doctor says I'm right on track. I thought I had gained more since we just got back from vacation but she seemed pleased.

Sleep: Still no complaints. I sometimes get up once through the night to go to the bathroom but I usually get back to sleep pretty quickly.

Food/Eating: Same. I don't feel like I eat any more or less than I did before I was pregnant. I still don't have any cravings either although the heartburn is always nagging at me.

What I miss: Nothing!

Looking forward to: Starting her room! I ordered fabric today and the crib is in. I had someone come in and measure for the window treatments today and I hope to finish getting the fabric within the next couple weeks. We still need to pick the bed up and put it together. I can't wait to see it!

Best moment of the week: Hitting the 3rd trimester. This pregnancy has gone by so quickly! Also, Kevin finally felt her kick. It was so sweet. She is starting to kick so hard that you can see my belly move from across the room. Lastly, I went to the doctor today and she informed me that I will get a few more ultrasounds. I will go back at 28 weeks and get ultrasounds every 2 weeks until I deliver. They are looking for fetal growth. Basically, they want to monitor everything so in case my blood sugar goes crazy (which I'm not expecting) then they can be prepared to deliver as soon as possible. This is just in case. Like I said, we aren't really expecting this to happen but it is better to be prepared than not. I was happy to hear that I will get to see her more before she arrives. I love seeing her every chance I get!

These are some of the things I got her on vacation. A brown corduroy dress with tights, a stuffed octopus with socks she can wear, a pink pearl necklace onesie, a white ruffled gown with a crown on it, some burp cloths, and an overnight bag for when she stays the night out:)